Paving your way to global employment & entrepreneurship.

Españu Global offers tailormade solutions in employment & entrepreneurship development and education. We specialize in design and implementation of (youth) employment & entrepreneurship programs.


Strengthening employment & entrepreneurship.

Together with your team, we develop and implement a customized employment & entrepreneurship program, containing:

  • Curriculum, learning methodology, training toolkit
  • Training of trainers
  • Workshops & Bootcamps 
  • Job matching
  • Capacity building

Our focus:

  • Youth and women
  • Migrants and diaspora 

Improving intercultural communication skills.

We offer a range of (online) training and consultancy solutions on intercultural communication that include:

  • Leadership and team training 
  • Design and development of training modules

Developing internationalization strategies.

We are happy to partner with you in the start or grow of your international business. Our solutions include:

  • International commercial and communication strategy
  • Recruitment and training of local business partners
  • Improving the entrepreneurial and communication skills of your team


Employment & entrepreneurship gives people the freedom to be independent and earn a better living for themselves and their family.


We bring employment & entrepreneurship within reach for people all over the world.


I am a result oriented cultural anthropologist and economist with more than 25 years of working experience in an international and intercultural context, as a trainer and consultant in Europe and developing countries. I provide global entrepreneurship services to business development & training institutions and entrepreneurs.

I get my inspiration from having lived and worked in an international and intercultural environment throughout my life.




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